Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monetize Facebook and Laugh To the Bank - New Facebook App

Here is an opportunity for you to make money from the videos you share. There is a new Facebook application that allows you to do just that. OR you can just simply keep viewing the videos you find to be interesting and sharing those you feel like sharing. If you ever do decide to make money from it, you need to see this for example: FacebookMembers

After setting it up you can go on YouTube every day and click on the green 'Share' button on the toolbar every time you like a video.

That's all you have to do to start making money! How easy it that?!

What will happen is that all your favorite videos will appear on your facebook wall, your friends will watch them and share them with their friends.

The system tracks the lifespan of every video you share. The more the videos propagate after you've shared them, the more money you make! So, to make the most money, share videos that you think others will love to watch and want to share.

By sharing great videos every day, your income will grow and you'll make more money week after week because we keep count of how many people are watching every video you have shared since day 1, so it all adds up and builds up on itself!

Simply go on YouTube.com every day and share as many great videos as you can!

Also, every day, make sure to click on 'Video of the day' on the toolbar, to watch one of the most popular videos on facebook. Make sure to share that great video that's been proven to be viral and read up the rewards!

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