Sunday, September 21, 2008

What Do You Want The Most & Where Are You Headed?

I found myself lately talking more to strangers, than I have been taught to do. The conversations have started in many different ways. However, I have made it a point to ask them at some point "What Do You Want The Most & Where Are You Headed?" or some variations of where they are headed and more importantly; how they PLAN to get there. The keyword truly being PLAN...... As the saying goes... "No one plans to fail, they just fail to plan"

There are many justifications or excuses we all give for failures. Harsh as it may sound, if we really stop to think and analyze it; we will all [almost all] agree that it is true. I am personally thinking about my direction in life and I am asking others the same questions because it is what is on my mind. I am writing about it today because, almost everyone I asked did not have an answer. Also, the younger ones while they did have dreams about what they want the most, they had no idea how to get there or where they are headed.

At this moment, do yourself a favor and ask yourself this question, then answer it honestly.

Q. What do I want the most, and how exactly, step by step, do I plan to get it?

If you have your answer to both sides of this question already laid out, then I am sure that your life will reflect the direction in which you are headed.

If you have no immediate answer planned out for this question, then you are also headed in the direction you are headed. If that is not what you want, then you have to take action to change the direction in which you are headed.

It is a known fact that anyone could get lucky, but lucky people are one in a million and one. SO WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF ONE MILLION???

Well, the ones with a Want/Goal are already headed in the right direction, and once they have a plan; the want starts to materialize into substance/reality.

Have a dream today and realize it 'tomorrow' with step-by-step planning.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spice Thins Up A Little: Oldest Therapy

I woke up today and I feel that I am begining to take myself a little too seriously. Then I started to remember some old sayings.

"A stich in time Saves nine"
"Laugh a little, Joke a little; get a lot better" [ok, I made this one up]

Anyway, I am sure you catch my meaning. Afterall, even the old kings of yore knew the importance of laughter. Otherwise, you will not have had very many court jesters throughout history.

I found this one I just had to share with you. Hope you like it as much as I do, my head almost fell off.....

Friday, September 5, 2008

It Is All About Freebies and Free Stuff

I was searching for something with the word free the other day and I stumbled upon this site. It ended up that it ultimately restored my faith in decency. As it turns out when they said free they really meant free, nothing like well "it has been free so far but now to go to the next level you will have to pay for this and that". No one is asking you to pay anything just to show them you are serious. I am sure you can come up with more of these weird justifications the marketers give us to part with our cash.

Do yourself a favor and pay the site a visit, see what you can use from there and enjoy something for free for a change. They are not paying me to write this post. In fact I was hoping to run a promo through them but that fell through the cracks. If you are reading this post, then I am guessing that you could use some of the tools that I found on there. In other words, you are most likely into Online marketing, looking to stay debtfree, or looking for freebies. Whatever class you fall into, PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on frivolous claims. I am not saying that you should not spend money to make money. Rather, I am saying never spend a dime if you can get it for free. A penny saved is worth more than a penny invested.
Check it out:

In the weeks to come, I will be posting some topics on creating a budget projection for different wallets. In other words, budgeting determined by disposable savings.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Article Writing: Breaking Writer's Block

It is amazing to see how much we all still dread writing; even a simple letter or memo! When we start talking about an Essay or an Article for publication, it gets much worse. As human beings, we are prone to self doubt, the good news however is; that there is a cure for that. The cure lies in the old adage: 'Practice makes Perfect' Once, you can get past the writing of your first article, it gets easier onwards.

This article as the title suggest is about breaking writer's block. 'Writer's block' is used to describe the situation in which anyone can not seem to get themselves to write an essay of any nature. More importantly, it considers the average Internet marketer with limited funds for any kind of campaign. We all know that if you have the funds, you can hire someone to write your articles for publication by other ezines or article directories. However, if you do have the funds why bother to promote your website with article writing at all? Especially, when availability of funds allows you to run many other campaigns like Pay Per Clicks (PPCs) or Traffic Exchange (TE) campaigns to name a few. Note that the turn around time for the alternative campaigns are much less than that of an article publication particularly when there is a third party involved.

Going back to the average Joe Internet marketer with limited funds, there is a need to publish articles for syndication across other websites or on your own website to draw in traffic, increase search engine ranking, and subsequently increase sales. It is my hope that this article inspires you enough to break the barriers and get those creative juices and neurons flowing.

The truth of the matter is; it is hard for an Internet newbie (enewbie) to write Internet home business or marketing articles simply because he/she is new at it (Internet marketing). Even if the individual is a prolific writer it is hard to start churning out Internet marketing articles on the fly. That then, brings us to the ice-breaker which is: Find your comfort zone, start by writing an article on something that you are passionate about.

You can write about an hobby, family matters, health, sports, or vacation spots. If you try to do this and you still find yourself intimidated by the attempt. Then I suggest you consider writing it as a letter to a friend or family member. Go all the way at this letter-writing idea. In other words, use the form of a letter with Dear friend, I am writing to share my blah blah blah with you... And so on. This should produce a page or two on the subject that you chose to write on.

Once you are able to generate a page or two you are almost done with your first article and congratulations are in order. The next step is to now reformat your letter into an article format for eventual publication. For tips on effective Internet article writing you can view an article on that subject by Donald Nelson at or visit where you can read and learn from a large resource of published articles.

The whole idea of writing within your comfort zone is to get you to start the process of article writing. You need to follow through and publish the articles you write on your interests and hobby. There are millions of sites that would publish your materials, all you need to do is a search online with your favorite search engine. Keyword search suggestions are article submission, article publications to start you off. You can always expand the list of keywords.

Once you get your first article published, you only need to repeat the process for you next article. As you do this, it becomes second nature and you would also have gathered some Internet home business marketing experience along the way. Enough experience that you can now position yourself to start churning out Internet marketing articles on the fly. I wish you the best in your journey.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Solar Power Solutions: DebtFree On FastTrack

With energy sources depleting at a rate faster than they are being built, it is only wise that we use the abundant energy available for free – the solar energy. Apart from the easy availability, solar energy helps control environmental pollution. Most of us shy away from installing solar power solutions at home thinking them to be expensive and cumbersome. You will, however, be surprised to know how easy it is to employ these power solutions. Moreover, these will help cut down your power bills. Finally, you will be delighted to know that you are doing your bit to save power for the future generations.

This article will explore the various solar power options available for home use.

Solar cooker: A solar cooker is a cooking utensil that uses absolutely no fuel for cooking. You can cook food for up to five people in the small box. If you are thinking that using a solar cooker will reduce your chances of spreading up a varied platter on the dining table, you will be surprised to know that you can not only boil food items in the cooker but also roast and bake! The only limitation with the solar cooker is the time it takes to cook. However, given the free source of energy it uses, this is a great option for cutting down those sky-rocketing bills and saving some power.

Solar home lighting: A solar home lighting system converts solar energy into electrical energy for your home. This is done via cells that are charged with solar energy. So, in the night, if you wonder how the lights are on in the house, it is because of the solar energy stored in the solar cells. You can install the solar home lighting system in your house and not worry about the electricity bills anymore.

Solar heating system: Installing a solar heating system in your home helps cut down your electricity bill along with saving the world’s quickly-exhausting power resources. If you are worried that a solar heating system will turn your sweet home into a gadget house or that it will be an expensive investment, your concerns are misplaced. Companies providing solar power solutions for homes make it a point to install aesthetically-pleasing heating systems in your house. As far as expenditure is concerned, investing in a solar heating system is wise because you get a return on your investment within 3-4 years, giving you absolutely free service after that.

Make power at home with solar and wind energy to eliminate your power bill. Get your complete guide at:
Solar Power:
Solar Panels:
Wind Power:

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Health Is Wealth Revisited

Being DebtFree is useless if you do not have the health to enjoy the freedom that comes with it. To this end as I battle with the buldge myself, I stumbled upon a very interesting e-book by somebody you probably have heard of: Will Brink. Who has over 15 years experience as a respected author, columnist and consultant, to the supplement, fitness, bodybuilding, and weight loss industry and has been extensively published. Will graduated from Harvard University with a concentration in the natural sciences, and is a consultant to major supplement, dairy, and pharmaceutical companies.

Probably more important than Will's credentials is the fact that the ebook - Fat Loss Revealed - which reveals exactly how to get lean , ripped and healthy completely naturally; comes with a 12 month access to his private forums and numerous tools to aid you on your quest for natural fitness. The 12 month Online Forum access is a priceless feature when you really think about it.

How much money have you wasted on false promises made by weight loss and diet supplement companies? I have had my fair share of nauseating pills and broken promises, it is very comforting and inspiring to finally find something that delivers without the usual hype.

Many world famous athletes, Hollywood stars, the SWAT team members, and even the Navy Seal special operations teams rely on Will's advice to keep them in tip top shape. A service which they pay thousands of dollars for and which you are about to get for the price of a meal at an average restaurant. With this e-book and 12 month Forum access you will have a support base that nobody else can give you. These are just a few of the positively impressive features of this system that made it compulsory for me to just have to post this on here.

Believe me when I tell you I do not have money to throw around, but when I found this Fat Loss Revealed system I just had to have it for myself. It has only gotten better since I discovered the Forum access and what it has to offer. I have to tell you, this is a "must have" if you are interested in reducing your body fat. It has completely unbiased reviews of over 40 + of the best selling fat loss supplements, explains exactly which are any good and which are just plain hype.

It is not everyday that you find something this rewarding for your own use while searching for a way to be debtfree. The Fat Loss Revealed e-book is split into 4 main chapters, one covers all the supplement information you could ever need, including a supplement scoreboard with an "at a glance" view of what works and what doesn't. He also has a private forum you gain access to with Fat Loss Revealed which has over 300 brand name supplement reviews.

The second chapter is an in depth fat loss diet, that he has passed on to high paying clients who need to really get in shape. He gives you his basic but effective fat loss diet but also explains all the advanced fat loss techniques such as carb cycling, re feeding, and such like, if it's not in this e-book, then you don't need it, I've never seen such an in depth look at all the advanced dieting techniques on offer, he really knows his stuff.

Then there's a chapter on resistance training, he has workouts for beginners right up to very advanced trainees. The e-book even has free weight workouts for people who can't get to a gym, it all includes photographs and you can even watch videos of the exercises in his members area which you get free access to when you purchase Fat Loss Revealed.

Then there's more interesting information on motivation, and how to really stick to your program, which is so important for long term success. Advanced cardio techniques for really stripping off resistant fat are also included in the cardio chapter.

There is so much invaluable knowledge in this manual, I can't really do it justice here. You will have to check it out for yourself to truly understand how impressive this program is.

Will was having a special a couple days ago where he was giving away 12 months access to his Fat Loss Revealed members area, it's amazing. A huge private online area, where you can get one on one support from the author and from personal trainers .

They also have pre-made diets you can download which match the Fat Loss Revealed diet program, they have a really good Diet planner as well which lets you keep track of all your food, make recipes, even see a graphical presentation of your progress.

Quite simply there is way to much for me to explain here, but it's really quite something special in comparison to the usual rubbish out there, I can't honestly understand why it's so affordable, it's more of a complete fat loss system than just an e-book, it's outstanding value, I've already picked up so much valuable information from the members area.

Anyway, if you feel it's time to lose your body fat once and for all, reading "Fat Loss Revealed" is the best possible way to get it done. Click Here to Read More About Fat Loss Revealed!

10 Ways To Improve Your Sales

1. Determine your current situation. How are you currently positioned in the Internet Home business market? How do you compare to the competition? Where would you like to be in a Year or in five years and how would you like to get there? Or more appropriately how can you get there, as it is not always the way that you want that works. Planning requires that you understand how you currently stand.

2. Calculate your operational budget and determine how much you can afford to spend on an Ad campaign.There is no point in incurring debts in an attempt to make money. Also, this is the stage to decide your campaign mediums and the effectiveness of different mediums of advertising as it applies to the specific nature of your product and or services. It also helps to retain a percentage of your earnings towards future Ad campaign on an ongoing basis. Do not overlook the Traffic Exchanges for cheap to free traffic to your website. Here are examples: TS25, and TS. A quick search on Google will reveal a whole lot more.

3. Since customers are the life-blood of any business, be sure to develop a good rapport with your customers. To keep your customers visiting, buying and begging for more; let them know how much you appreciate their business. Do not spare any personal touch you can invest in the relationship. It will pay for your time and effort tenfold. Create an Ezine to communicate with your customers and to generate new leads. This can be achieved by offering an opportunity to your visitors to subscribe to your ezine from your website or purchasing leads from a leads company.

4. Now, depending on your current position, you may not even have customers yet. If you are starting from scratch, your first order of business would be to start growing a customer base within your budget of course. Create or have a Strong Sales Copy done for your promotions. Consider targeted Ad campaigns through Google or other search engines. You may also consider some of the other ‘Viral’ marketing Traffic Exchanges out there. Online campaigns consist of generating traffic to your website as this would improve your ranking with the traffic exchanges. Your ultimate goal is to generate free traffic which comes from a high ranking in the traffic exchanges. In other words, you need to generate traffic first and then you can work on converting the traffic into buying customers or better yet, return customers.

5. Hire, rent, or buy a coach/mentor; and if you can not afford one, get some of the informative ebooks and magazines out there. Your decision making prowess would be much better with this kind of backbone. Take note that even with all the information you may acquire from books and magazines, nothing compares to experience. Now, if you have to go on your experience then you are setting yourself up to learn the hard and costly way.

6. I hope you are getting warmed up by now. This one is a must-do for all Internet Home business marketers. I am talking about Forum participation and membership. In fact, this whole article could have been written around link promotion, and only one other means compares to Forums when it comes to promoting your link/website and increasing your ranking. Join a Forum that concerns your line of business. The Forum would promote your link as a result of your participation in discussions and postings. The flip side is that it also provides you for free, knowledge base that compares to hiring a mentor.

7. Position your business to benefit from other webmasters traffic. There are several ways to achieve this. The most prominent is link exchanges with other websites that are similar or complementary in nature to your business. You can do this by writing to the owner or webmaster of other sites, you can buy a link exchange program or join a link exchange. Most are free to join and some charge very minimal fees.

8. As your customer base grows and you start to reap the benefits of your actions. Be sure to acquire an Auto-responder to manage email campaigns and Ezine delivery. By now, your actions should start to show returns and you can complement your campaigns by purchasing a leads building campaign if you do not have one in place from the start. It is common knowledge among the big hitters that a lot of sales come from email campaigns. Use your Sales copy Ad to develop an email campaign, and stay in touch with your existing customers. This can also be used to sell new subscribers you generated using step#3.

9. Is your head spinning yet? Well if it is, you are on the right track for success and should now learn to relax and balance work and social responsibilities. This is a very crucial step to achieving anything in life. We all need to step back a little, so we can see more, refresh and increase performance. Everything contained here would be useless if you can not find balance. As you find relaxation, in whatever way you choose, remember to build a support system and share your experiences with acquaintances. You just might increase your network while doing something that relaxes you. The country club offers recreation and relaxation but, it also comes with networking opportunities.

10. At this point you should evaluate your performance and how much you are on Target or off. Go back to step #1 and reinvent the wheel again. By now you have some experience with your business and know what works best for your business. If at any point you find yourself too comfortable, go over your business plans with a fine toothcomb until you experience a little discomfort. This step would always keep you sharp, focused, and abreast of what needs improvement and adjustment. Remember, your goal is to increase sales and not to get too comfortable. Stay motivated and fairly dissatisfied.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Welcome To My Blog

I am looking forward to peaking your interest in the days and months to come. Your visits and comments will always be welcome and am sure negative or positive they will inspire me to keep posting on here. My main goal and topic of interest as you have probabbly guessed is Freedom From Debt through Home Business. You will see and can expect work at home and home business ideas, the only difference from most other blogs or sites will be that I will endeavor to supply you with a lot of free resources[I am aiming for 75% free resources]. These resources will help you to promote anything you are involved with. Remember, that it is not really about how much you make as much as HOW MUCH YOU GET TO KEEP.

I have been around the block a few times and have seen quite a few things and continue to be amazed by life and all it has to give and show me. As I am sure you have too, it is my hope that we can share a few things from our life's experiences.

Today's Resource is a Forum dedicated to Free Advertising, you can join them and start posting your links immediately. If you have nothing to advertise, I will gladly recommend a few to you.

As the days goes on, I will endeavor to get to know you.
Thanks for visiting.
Come On Back Soon.