Sunday, January 10, 2010

Twitter Follower Promotion - Jan., 2010

My Twitter account just hit 3000+ followers, and I want to keep it growing! To that end, I am running a follower promotion in such a way that my current followers will have a chance to partake in the results. To enter you must ”retweet” the offer to your followers.

Retweet the words between quotes:
RT “Get @debtfreeguy to 4000 followers,win $30! rules and details >>> “

To participate effectively, make sure you have joined twitter and logged into, click on my username @debtfreeguy follow me, then retweet to your followers to increase your chances.
Once I hit the 4000th follower, 3 followers will be selected from follows that occurred close to the goal [4000th]. Of the 3 one username will be selected, then you and your follower friend will each get $15 for a total of $30.

There will only be 2 winners for each Promotion.
I have about 4 Promotions planned in consecutive order.

Follower selected must have proof of the friend that tweeted them (screen shot preferred). Decision will also be based on re-tweet viewing .
Thanks for taking the time to read. - Robert